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Acryle Dip Kit


Acryle Dip System is a unique application process that allows the technician to perform a full set of nails in approximately 30 minutes. Acryle Dip System does not require any excessive filing to the natural nails and no primers are necessary. Enhancements are strong and flexible. The durability of the product is amazing. Nails look natural and crystal clear. Nail Technicians can use this system as an overlay to the natural nail for added strength or for the perfect french apply over white tips. You can also get creative with our Made Ya Look Acrylic Powder Tints in lieu of gel polish. Unlike a standard acrylic system removal is quick and easy with Elegant Glass Miracle Dissolve. 

Kit Contains:

  • Acryle Dip Instructions
  • Control Brush On Glue
  • Glue Tilter
  • Brush On Activator
  • Miracle Dissolve
  • Spray Activator
  • Affix Adhesion Enhancer Dehydrator 
  • 2oz Clear Powder
  • Escencia Oil
  • Brush Wipes
  • Poof Applicator
  • Funnel
  • Scoops
  • Files & Buffer

Tips & Tricks:

To prevent Control Brush On Glue cap from sticking lubricate the inside cap threads with oil.  Brush On Activator can be used in lieu of Spray Activator. If nails crack you are not using enough powder.  If nails yellow/brown you are holding the spray activator too close.


  1. Gently push back cuticle.
  2. Remove the shine with a pink buffing cube and remove dust from the nail.
  3. Apply one coat of Affix to all nails. This is a dehydrator, no primer needed.
  4. Apply one coat of Control Brush On Glue over the full nail. Making sure the surface is still wet squeeze a small amount of powder to zone 1. Zone 1 is the free edge part of the nail. Making sure your brush on glue brush is wet gently press into the powder. The powder will turn crystal clear. Brush out the gel like substance evenly over the entire nail. To keep the brush from clogging constantly wipe on a lint free wipe.
  5. Zone 2 application. Making sure your surface is wet, this will require another application of the brush on glue. At this time squeeze a small amount of powder to the stress area. Again with a wet brush you will press into the powder, once the powder turns crystal clear you will push the gel like up past the stress area and drag it down past the stress area. This procedure will create a natural curve to the nail. Wipe your brush often!
  6. Zone 3 application. Again make sure your surface is wet, this will require another application of the brush on glue. At this time you will squeeze a small amount of powder near the cuticle area. Make sure it is not on the cuticle or this will cause lifting. With a wet brush press into the powder, once the powder turns crystal clear drag it down towards the stress area. Make sure your brush is always wet. Check your application for imperfections. Should you have any uneven spots reapply the glue and powder and brush out until even, Spray finished application with Spray Activator holding bottle 6-8 inched away from the nails. Let application dry. (brush on activator can be used between layers in lieu of spray activator.)
  7. Buff with a pink buffing cube to a smooth finish and do any shaping needed. 
  8. To finish the nail you can top with Resin Gel or any gel top coat. High Shine works great! Finish with oil.

Fills (should be done every 2 weeks):

  1. Gently push back cuticles.
  2. Brush Miracle Dissolve over entire nail.
  3. Gently remove one whole layer of product using a zebra file. File in one direction. Repeat on all nails.
  4. Apply one application of Affix. Reapply product according to Zone 3 on application instructions. 
  5. Finish according to steps 7 & 8 on application instructions. 

It is not recommended to mix other acrylic powders or glues with this system. Doing so will reduce the success of application and result in a substandard nail. 

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